Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fear and Loathing in Amherst

I was packed, I had semi-tidied and I was wearing my new boots as I prepared to begin life on a bus again. I had said my good-byes to Lee-Roy - a man who has been instrumental in making this semester an amazing experience - as he was helping me put my bags on the bus. I was ready for my 10 hour trip to Buffalo, NY when the driver told me I was either too late or too early for the bus.

What? For some unknown reason my nose began to bleed as I was told the bad news.

The driver talked me through the complications and explained that the schedule I received from the Amherst Books is incorrect. Now I have to wait a day in Amherst and miss a day with Michael and John in Niagra Falls. It was disappointment squared.

While it's the first travel hiccup I've had in my 1.5 years spent travelling, spending one more night in Amherst is not a bad thing. I still have excellent company, a chance of peace and quiet and a familiar bed. It could be worse, friends are still left at airports waiting to go home. While they're left in limbo I'll get to rest my head in my adopted bed tonight. It's not bad, but it's neither home, nor the road.

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