Monday, May 2, 2011

San Pedro, California

I saw this video for the first time, and from the opening scenes it had an air of familiarity surrounding it. I was sat in Dicky Peach's room, and we realised it's a walk both of us had taken earlier in the year. From the middle of Brookyn, we walked up Broadway towards the Williamsburg bridge, complete with snowed over footpaths and the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood stores. It's a great clip, and though the bitter cold is not transferred through the celluloid, it was nice to be reminded of something I've been able to do.
When I go home in June I'll have pictures, the words on this site and a the odd souvenir to remind me of the great time I've had away. The America I see in pop culture from now on will never be the same. Things like this will jolt me back, and with a band as great as Mogwai providing the soundtrack, my smile will only widen.

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